Check secondary placement efficiently

Keep an eye on the implementation of your display placements with the help of appJobber.

Keep an eye on the implementation of your display placements with the help of appJobber.

Secondary and promotional placements are indisputably a suitable promotional instrument to trigger additional impulse purchases in retail and thus also to win new buyers for a product.

But often a promotion planned with a lot of commitment ends in frustration, because agreements that manufacturers have made with trade centres do not reach the sales floor:

  • Promotional placements are not set up at all or only incompletely in some stores
  • Displays or promotional materials are damaged
  • The location of the secondary placement in the store does not correspond to the agreements
  • The standing time of the secondary placement does not correspond to the agreements
  • Additional promotional materials such as raffle cards, coupons, shelf stoppers or flyers are omitted during set-up
  • Displays are equipped with foreign goods
  • Displays stand on the sales floor without goods because they have already been sold off. The manufacturer does not find out about the out-of-stock of his secondary placement.

Advertising materials & secondary placements at a glance at all times

Überprüfen Sie neben Displays jegliche Werbematerialien: Wobbler, Gewinnspiele, Coupons oder Flyer.') %]

In addition to displays, check any promotional materials: wobblers, raffles, coupons or flyers.

Those who carry out promotions in retail need an eye on their implementation. Their own sales force can usually only do this on a small scale. To make matters worse, spot checks by the field staff are often not representative. The employees primarily visit the more successful locations and retailers where there are fewer problems with the implementation of promotions.

Numerous brand manufacturers rely on appJobber and its community to check the implementation of their sales promotions systematically, quickly and inexpensively in the stores. The app's users are available throughout Europe to carry out the necessary checks. If necessary, thousands of stores can be visited within a few days.

The jobbers in the stores record not only additional product placements, but also raffle promotions, shelf wobblers, flyers or coupons. They record where in the store the materials are placed, whether they are complete and in what condition they are. If promotions are not set up in the store, this is also documented by taking images from relevant store areas.

Material application by the crowd

The fact that promotional materials are very often not set up or attached in the markets is shown by on-site checks. Since field staff cannot drive to every participating market to start a promotion, the question arises: How can placements be optimised quickly and easily? The users of appJobber are not only available to document the actual situation in the store, but also to carry out simple tasks in the stores. For example, after registering in the market, the following tasks can be taken on:

  • Buildup of advertising materials and secondary placements
  • Maintenance of existing secondary placements (tidying up, filling up goods)
  • Display of flyers, raffle tickets, etc.
  • Attachment of shelf coupons, wobblers, posters, etc.

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